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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tutorial Making of Bando Flannel Fabrics

First of all make a decorative ribbon used to make ...

1. Cut like a picture, and provide buttons to decorate the center of the

http://itssparkling.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/bandopita.jpg2. stack

3. Give the glue that can bind the middle as the picture

4. Kasi kacing

Now we go to decorate bandonya ..

1. provide headbands

2. Cut flannel putuh longer than the length of headbands

3. Use pin baste in the middle (well not bener tususknya name ..)

2. drawstring linen

3. You can glue on headbands

4. Paste the results shavings flannel on headbands

5. So like the picture

8. Cut the other color flannel long sesuaiukuran headbands

9. Give glue

10. Attach to a headband which is decorated

11. So like the picture

12. Glue ribbon that has been made

13. Paste

Friday, October 26, 2012

How to Make Hair clips Flannel 1

How to Make Hair clips Flannel 1

Bismillah ..
Hairpins that we will make this form of "doll hat", very pretty and cute for baby who is still a toddler. On another occasion, I will also post a tutorial how to make a hair clip with a different model. Well .. to make this hairpin required course materials flannelette and iron hairpin, for the size can be made according to the wishes (size flannel adjustable length clasp). Let's get started ..

1. 2 for Flannel circular holes in one.

2. See the pictures. also prepare flannel D, measure the length and girth D fit flannel B. Sew the edge of the D to B.

3. The above results then sew into flannel A.

4. Fill with dacron. Give a little glue / double sided tape. then yempelkan flannel C on it. Sew all the edges. Then give the glue a candle on the metal pin, stick to the flannel, and put ribbon on the hat.