Friday, October 12, 2012

How to make Carrot Keychain

cover wortel

1. prepare equipment and material:

bhn felt
2. This time use the color green felt and orange, all measuring 4 x 6 cm, the size of a large carrot that is sized 5.5 x 13 cm.

3. Cut the pattern on the image, adjust to your imagination. For the leaves, I provide three forms of pattern. And I choose leaf pattern like spokes to model here.

pola daun n wortel

4 .Sewing as usual, and fill with dacron.

jahit wortel   isi dakron
5. Roll leaf patterns fingers, then put the bag of carrots. Make baste skewers are then pulled to get the carrots form the base of living with the impression of 'bubble'.

gulung daun  jelujur wortel n daun
kek gni hsl jelujur

6. Make skewers for books ato whatever his name, it's that ... the fine lines in the body of carrots ...

bikin buku2

7. Attach ring key chains .... So dech ... Look at those cute-looking appearance following:


8. carrot with leaf patterns fingers
Two models below are made with different leaf patterns:

wortel 2

The model below is the biggest carrot, it is not the amount of plasticity.


mejeng bareng

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