Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Make Puppets Slippers

Prepare materials to make sandals doll: a pair of flip-flops, a pair of flannel dolls (interchangeable accessory store-bought equipment / tool kit), patterned jersey material (I use cloth shirt korea kilogram) for 3 x 60 cm 2 pieces, glue candles (lem shoot).


Begin wrapping the T-shirt material at the base of the sandal straps, put wax or glue on the surface of the base of the fire rope.

Shortly after being given jersey material glue stick tip tap-tap slightly so strongly attached.

Keep the tip of the material does not look so neat how wrap 2 to 3 times the base strap sandal, continue winding but previously given the glue first.

Before proceeding let the glue before winding along the surface of the rope but do little by little as the glue dry.

Wrap the material continues until the front strap shirts

Give glue, wrap again ..

At the front of the rope (the oblique) did peliltitan 2-3 times.

Give each after doing pelilitan glue, finish to the base end of the rope sandals.

Excess material cut shirts, exaggerated fabric approximately 5 cm to pelilitan end.

Edge jersey material given the glue, try to be the end of the T-shirt pelilitan right under the surface of the rope sandals, if the excess scissors to fit.

Pelilitan done, now let the glue on the corner of sandal straps to attach the dolls.

Likewise, let the glue on the dolls (the rear surface of the doll).

Stick it immediately, sedkit pressed to be strong.

Flannel Doll was ntempel, advance notice dolls facing each other or biting the left circle to fit (fit) because it does not always purchased dolls facing each other (pair), usually faced the same direction.

And ... o .. la .. la has become a pair of sandals doll.
Please try to make, very easy to do and easy to get the ingredients. Give a surprise for the little one, surely he was pleased to have the gift of creation mama!

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