Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tools to Make Flannel Fabric Crafts

Actual equipment to make the crafts flannel is very simple, easy to get, and the price is relatively cheap. Here is some of the equipment we have to prepare.Scissors
There are several types of scissors used: paper scissors, fabric scissors and scissors zigzag. If paper scissors and fabric scissors, they already know it? Even if you already have, do not need to buy again, though sparingly. Well, if Zigzag scissors shaped like a regular pair of scissors but zigzag-shaped teeth. Usually zigzag scissors used to cut the edge of the flannel trimmings that result jagged zigzag shaped alias.Paper
You need a regular HVS to draw or trace a pattern. Cardboard paper and thick brown usually used to create the pattern.Saving tips: Use newsprint, writing books or magazines to create the pattern. Use paper cardboard food packaging, milk boxes or shoe boxes.Stationery
If you've got a pencil, a pen and a ruler, do not need to buy another icon razz tool for making crafts flannel? You also need a cutter knife to cut thick cardboard pattern.Needle
There are several types of needles that are used to make crafts flannel, among others, some the size of sewing needles, knitting needles and a pin.Glue
2 types of glue that is often used is the glue firing (glue gun) and clear glue (UHU). Glue looks like a pistol shot and connected with electricity. Glue shot is usually used when attaching flannel with accessories made of iron, rubber, plastic and wood. And clear UHU glue is used to glue the two parts of the flannel.Additional Tools to Make Flannel Fabric Crafts?
In addition to stationery, paper, scissors, needles and glue, there are some other tools that required according to the type of craft you want to create. For example, chopsticks or skewers which are used to drive the dacron.
Well, after having complete equipment to make the crafts flannel, then you need other materials. Materials for making handicrafts of flannel is usually available at the fabric store, yarn shop or craft store tools. Already know the tools used to make crafts flannel right? Please buy first yes

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