Saturday, October 13, 2012


It is now again fever Angry Birds (Angry Birds), all the knick knacks smelled Angry Birds sold on assault fans, especially children - children and adolescents. From the start pupen, pencils, a pencil, eraser, clocks, dolls, etc. for stationery can be obtained at a low price, but the price is rather expensive for a doll for the small size (10 cm) cheapest price is Rp. 25.000, - apiece and even then had to buy the contents 1 set 6 dolls.
Instead of buying expensive - expensive I try to be creative to make Angry birds Dolls of flannel material. How to make Angry Birds Plush will I share at present.
Ingredients:- Flannel Fabrics colors Red, Yellow, White and Black- Scissors- UHU Glue- Needles- Yarn with matching color fabric Flannel- Ingredients for stuffing dolls.How to manufacture:1. Prepare materials - materials.2. Flannel Fabric scissors match the image. (Sorry the picture blurry because
less light Difhotonya night 'n pake hp camera.)

3. First working first at the front, white Flannel Paste it at the bottom
accordance with the drawings.4. Bring 2 Flannel yellow (for beak) and in the second sewing with righteous sisis
baste skewers, then behind and fill with stuffing ingredients stuffed. Then paste
half of those in the middle - the middle, mostly white section, partly in section
with red stitching.5. Attach 2 Flannel White (for the eyes) side by side on top half and add
Black and white flannel Flannel shape eyebrows and pupils (Process section
use UHU glue first and then stitched Ok).6. Bring the head (red flannel to face with plain red flannel
with stitched edges just next door, and that door again united with
The other plain flannel. Then 2 Red Flannel plain sewn together,
but only half of it and then reversed.7. Fill the head with stuffing ingredients, then cover with stitching.8. Combine the above section for the bird's head with stab Peston, lali fill
packing material and tape to the way in sewing at the top middle of the head
birds.9. Bring sections to skewer birds with Peston, lali fill material
stuffing and stick it in a way in sewing on the back of the head
birds.10. Attach the rope to ring at the top.11. Completed



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